The Product System

More Than Abbreviations and Numbers.

Each product name is assigned an abbreviation, which is displayed in the ProductSystem. In combination with the color codes, it allows easy and quick orientation when working. The individual elements or abbreviations appear not only on the packaging but also in other media and are a further feature of our Koch‑Chemie language. As with the periodic table, the elements are equipped with additional information that describes further core properties of the product.

The superscript with the reference to the ph‑value is used for the quick classification of a product, especially with our cleaners. In the field of paint treatment our products are supplemented by other information. The subscripts 01, 02 etc. are the version numbers of the polishes and sealing products. They are consecutive and chronological. The superscript indicates the degree of abrasiveness of a product, the subscript indicates the degree of gloss. This information in the ProductSystem alone clarifies many product characteristics and allows products to be easily compared with each other.

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